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Police Say Jamba Juice Manager in Southlake Invented a Robbery to Cover Up Alleged Theft

No one matching her description had been in the store, according to video footage

Jamba Juice/Facebook

Police have arrested the general manager of the Jamba Juice location in Southlake Town Square and charged her with falsifying a police report, after she called 911 to claim that the store was robbed at gunpoint. No evidence of such a crime was found.

According to police, manager Amanda Topolinksi called 911 around lunchtime on Friday, February 22, to report that a “white or Hispanic man wearing a blue jacket, jeans, a blue hat and sunglasses” demanded money from the safe at gunpoint. Upon reviewing the Town Square’s video footage, police found that no one fitting that description had been in the store, and they said “important” details were also missing from Topolinksi’s account of the robbery. Police say the manager eventually admitted the report was false.

Police say that they believe Topolinksi was attempting to cover up that she’d allegedly been stealing cash from the restaurant’s safe over the past three months. Police also say they found heroin in her purse, according to CBS DFW.