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Over-The-Top Uptown Restaurant Circo Will Soon Have Its Own Beach

The NY export’s “day resort” debuts this month

Circo Beach awaits
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

After nearly three years in the works, New York export Circo officially opened its doors in Uptown in 2018, and now the restaurant’s accompanying “day resort” is ready to make its debut.

Circo Beach is set to officially open at the end of the month, bringing two pools and an actual beach to the gigantic restaurant at 2619 McKinney Avenue, according to a press release. The forthcoming space is upstairs from the dining room at Circo, and will offer everything from spa services and private cabanas to swimming in glass-bottomed pools and cocktails. Like the rest of Circo, the design is completely over-the-top, complete with a 65,000 pound chandelier that hangs over the spiral staircase that leads to Circo.

Of course, the restaurant could use some glitz and glamour considering the downright dismal reviews that its (pricey) food has earned from Dallas’s restaurant critics. Dallas Observer critic Brian Reinhart described the restaurant as an “expensive disaster,” and slammed pretty much every dish on the menu. D Magazine critic Eve Hill-Agnus was equally unimpressed with Circo, calling the fare “outdated” and comparing it to the typical offerings at a catered wedding banquet. Yikes.

Considering its location, Circo Beach will likely still attract the see-and-be-seen crowds when it officially debuts on March 30, regardless of how regrettable the cuisine seems to be.


2619 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204