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Another Rolled Ice Cream Shop Just Landed In Deep Ellum

Let’s Roll Ice Cream is giving Chills360 a run for its money

Let’s Roll Ice Cream/Facebook

A new spot for Thai rolled ice cream just debuted in Deep Ellum, giving the neighborhood’s original outpost for the frozen treat some competition.

Let’s Roll Ice Cream just debuted at 3101 Commerce Street, Suite 102 at the corner of S. Hall Street. The no-frills establishment offers up a bounty of flavor options on hand-written menus, including six ice cream bases and more than 20 toppings options for $5.99.

Ice cream flavors include vanilla, chocolate, birthday cake, coffee, green tea, and mango that are spread on cold stone plates, mixed with ingredients like Oreos, graham crackers, Nutella, strawberries, lychee, and more, and then scraped into rolls. After placing six or so of the rolls upright in an ice cream cup, the assemblage is topped with more goodies like gummy candy, cookies, pretzels, cereal, fruit, and sprinkles. Dessert lovers can also opt for an ice cream-stuffed sweet bun, another dessert trend made popular locally by Lowest Greenville’s Milk + Cream.

Until now, the only Deep Ellum option for Thai rolled ice cream was Chills 360, a dessert purveyor that introduced the trend to Dallas in 2016. Chills 360 has since expanded to locations across DFW and Texas, with newcomers including Wonders Ice Cream from Minnesota hitting the Dallas market early this year. Let’s Roll already operates several outposts around DFW, including locations in Irving and Carrollton with Frisco on the horizon.