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Frosting-Filled Cupcakes Land at Legacy Hall Next Week

California bakery SusieCakes will take over one of the recently-vacated stalls

Courtesy SusieCakes

SusieCakes will debut its frosting-filled treats at Plano’s Legacy Hall next week, filling a spot left open by one of the food hall’s recent departures.

The new Plano outpost at 7800 Windrose Avenue brings the local count of the California-based bakery to four, including locations in Fort Worth, Dallas’ Preston Center, and on Park Boulevard in Plano. SusieCakes has long been known for its decadent four and six-layer cakes in flavors like lemon, carrot, red velvet, and tropical coconut, as well as frosting-filled cupcakes in flavors like chocolate mint and peanut butter, plus a flourless chocolate variety. As a full-service bakery, pudding, cheesecake, pies, brownies, and cookies, including seasonal varieties, are also on offer.

With its arrival at Legacy Hall, SusieCakes joins a project that has been notoriously challenging for local entrepreneurs, including recent complaints of difficult parking, “terrible management,” and higher overhead than most retail spaces in DFW, which makes it difficult for small business owners to turn a profit. Last week marked the most recent departure from Legacy Hall: Red Stix vietnamese cuisine. It’s founder Uno Immanivong told Eater that large-scale businesses and chains (like SusieCakes) should be better able to weather the difficulties than fledgling operations.

SusieCakes officially opens in Legacy Hall on April 1.