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A New Burger Joint Debuts at Plano’s Legacy Hall

Son of a Butcher seems a whole lot like its predecessor, Knife Burger

Kathy Tran for Legacy Hall
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Son of a Butcher, a brand new burger joint, has officially made its debut at embattled Plano food hall Legacy Hall.

The new destination for “nostalglic” burgers, fries, and shakes has officially made its debut in the Legacy Hall stall formerly occupied by chef John Tesar’s Knife Burger. Tesar departed Legacy Hall in February 2019, citing a revenue-sharing agreement with the Hall’s management that made it difficult to turn a profit. On Facebook, the chef described Legacy Hall’s management as “terrible,” and lamented the parking situation at the bustling development.

Now that Tesar’s gone, Front Burner Restaurants, which operates Legacy Hall, is debuting its own take on burgers, and it’s pretty darn similar to what Tesar was doing. The burgers at Knife Burger were made with locally-sourced 44 Farms beef, and those on offer at Son of a Butcher will be made with wagyu from Texas’s own A Bar N Ranch. The price point is even lower than Knife Burger’s — single burgers will be $3.75 compared to Tesar’s $6. There will also be waffle fries that can be drenched in nacho cheese and ranch or blue cheese and Buffalo wing sauce. Apple pie and brownie shakes will also be on offer.

Son of a Butcher is now open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. inside Legacy Hall daily.

Legacy Hall

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