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This Dessert Shop’s New Outpost Will Be a Unicorn Extravaganza

The new name for the restaurant/museum? “House of Unicorn by Magical Dessert Bar”

Unicorn - Magical Dessert Bar/Facebook

Deep Ellum’s Magical Dessert Bar is doubling down on its unicorn theme. The dessert shop started serving extravagant Instagrammable milkshakes in December and quickly opened up a shop in Houston with plans for even more locations nationwide — but not without a bit of controversy.

GuideLive digs into the rise and the pitfalls of Magical Dessert Bar’s Dallas run, including lengthy lines, allegations of problematic image sourcing, and the fact that the shop sold pre-made cake pops and cupcakes. But now there’s a new chapter: a larger location is in the works with a lengthy name: “House of Unicorn by Magical Dessert Bar.”

That’s envisioned as both a restaurant and a pink-painted social media-friendly art installation with several rooms, like recent sweet pop-up Candytopia. See the unicorn murals in progress at GuideLive.

The dessert bar just wrote on Facebook last month: “The House of Unicorn opening In Dallas April 27th! Everything Unicorn Everything Magical!