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Try Tacos Straight From Mexico City This Weekend

Plus, more Dallas dining intel

Taco Libre Dallas/Facebook

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Try tacos direct from Mexico City chefs this weekend at Taco Libre

Saturday’s Taco Libre event will features special guests direct from Mexico City. The Dallas Observer reports that the taco festival set up a culinary exchange program with the government of Mexico to fly in chefs from beloved taquerias in markets in the capital city. Mariscos El Paisa will make its U.S. debut at Taco Libre, serving up fish and shrimp tacos, along with Carnitas Meche y Rafae, where diners will be able to try cueritos (pickled pork rinds) tacos and more.

Velvet Taco is expanding to Atlanta

DFW-based taco chain Velvet Taco is bringing its spicy tikka masala, fried paneer, and Nashville hot cauliflower tacos to Atlanta. Eater Atlanta reports on the plans to open Velvet Taco’s 10th location over the summer, in a space described as a “reclaimed loft.”

Pizzeria shut down after employees put laxatives on a pizza

NBC5 reports that the Springtown health inspector closed Mr. Jim’s Pizza in the 400 block of East State Highway over the weekend after reports that employees topped a pizza with Miralax. An employee posted about the incident on social media, and the Mr. Jim’s co-worker who unknowingly ate the pizza got sick. After police investigated, the employees denied putting laxatives on any pizzas purchased by customers.