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Wonders Ice Cream Shop Is Dishing Up Taco-Lookalike Treats

Thai-style ice cream rolls really lend themselves to a dessert taco

Wonders Ice Cream/Facebook

Newish Dallas ice cream shop Wonders Ice Cream Company is known for its over-the-top desserts, and the Minnesota-based chain really got imaginative with its latest sundae available starting next week. Behold, taco ice cream — or at least rolled ice cream shaped like a taco, complete with toppings like gummy bears and whipped cream.

The Facebook page’s caption reads: “Taco ice cream?! Wonders Dallas is bringing back the taco starting next week! Roll through!!”

Wonders Ice Cream Company opened in January at 5150 Lemmon Avenue with more than 20 different flavors of rolled ice cream (think peanut butter, taro, and caramel) along with other desserts like milk tea and milkshakes. The dessert taco joins other fanciful treats like honey buns stuffed with ice cream.