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Oak Cliff’s Buzzy Ramen and Skewered Meats Restaurant Is Close to Opening

Chef Justin Holt and his team aiming for May


Salaryman, Oak Cliff’s anticipated destination for ramen and yakitori skewers, appears to be nearing a finish line.

The new ramen shop comes from chef Justin Holt, known for his work at Italian darling Lucia. He’s been teasing out his ramen and skewered meat skills for years via sold-out pop-ups across Dallas, and Salaryman represents his first permanent Japanese venture.

Salaryman will sit at 287 North Bishop Avenue, next door to Lucia spinoff Macellaio.

On Wednesday the team posted a call for resumes, with a tongue-in-cheek “might open next month. IDK” message splashed across its industrial-styled setup that sports a poultry-themed wall featuring carefully etched chicken drawings.

While Dallas waits for Salaryman’s arrival, ramen fans can catch a taste at Holt’s next pop-up scheduled for Friday, May 3, at Texas Theatre.

Salaryman’s menu details are still slim for now, but Holt’s past ramen offerings have included a tonkotsu bowl served with “low-hydration, alkaline noodles,” sour corn, cabbage, and chicken. A binchotan charcoal-fired grill will be charged with grilling yakitori (and other meaty skewers).