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This Deep Ellum Vintage Marketplace Is Getting Into the Restaurant Business

Flea Style’s Heirloom Haul will open in August in Frisco

Courtesy Flea Style

During entrepreneur Brittany Cobb’s first meeting to talk about opening her second Flea Style location at The Star in Frisco, she had no intention of opening a restaurant there, too.

But that all changed as soon as she mentioned the idea that she planned to expand into the space next door to her Deep Ellum flagship to create a restaurant that cater to shoppers and event attendees, and would draw in more business.

“The Star was excited to hear about it,” Cobb shared with Eater, explaining that’s how she’s now in the process of opening two new restaurants as part of her Flea Style brand.

It’s surprising, considering Cobb didn’t intend to ever own a restaurant at all. “Not much scares me, but this does. It’s a tough industry. I don’t know much about it, except I like to eat,” she says.

But Cobb knew a restaurant was the missing piece to her flagship location, and as hard as she tried to work with outside vendors to come in and work alongside her brand, it didn’t feel quite right. So she hired a local consulting team who began creating Heirloom Haul, which is slated to debut in August when the new Flea Style opens at The Star in Frisco.

“Heirloom has been the name I’ve had in my head for years and years. Haul is what we do every day,” she explains about the name. The inspiration for the menu comes from Cobb’s own childhood growing up among California’s flea markets and antique shops. “There was always a tea shop in the back,” she says, and she has fond childhood memories of eating tea sandwiches and drinking tea with her grandmother. “I’m trying to recreate that feeling at Heirloom Haul,” Cobb said.

Flea Style Creator Brittany Cobb in front of the mural at her flagship Deep Ellum store
Flea Style Creator Brittany Cobb in front of the mural at her flagship Deep Ellum store
Courtesy Flea Style

Of course the decor at Heirloom Haul will be typical Flea Style: as in boho chic, focusing on handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind items. For Frisco, Cobb has even procured a 1966 Serro Scotty Camper that she plans to incorporate as “probably a built-in bar.”

Heirloom’s menu will include classic tea sandwiches and salads, hot and cold teas, and a charcuterie program developed by a not-quite-ready-to-be-named chef from Southern California. “I’m updating how I used to eat as a kid,” she said. There will be a kid’s menu, but also beer and wine for the adults.

The intent is for the space to be a place for the community to hang out and enjoy good food in a pretty space with a feminine touch — something that Cobb describes as “boho-Texas-casual-comforting,” which will be new at The Star. “I feel like it hasn’t done in the food space so we’re going to do it.”

And they’re doing it big, of course, as the anchor space at Cowboys World Headquarters is a whopping 6,200 square feet, with 3,000 allotted for retail, 1,350 for studio and event space, and the rest for the restaurant. The store’s trademark “good things happen here” mural will find a place at The Star as well, according to Cobb.

The inventory at Flea Style at The Star will also cater to The Star and the Frisco community, specifically. Cobb sees the Frisco market as sports- and family-minded consumers, with larger homes begging to be decked out with rugs, pillows, and art from her store. In addition, working with The Cowboys means she and her team have access to their merchandising partners and can source and customize new Cowboys and local high school sports teams’ items (as well as vintage finds, of course). Her team has a great case study for it all, too, as their most recent show in December at The Star saw around 12,000 shoppers.

As for Deep Ellum’s Heirloom Haul, it looks like late 2019 to break ground on that one. “I’m not opening two restaurants at once!” says Cobb.

Flea Style at The Star and Heirloom Haul will be located at 6765 Winning Dr., Suite 830 in Frisco.