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Southeast Asian Eats Arrive At Richardson’s CityLine

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Everything from Korean bibimbap to Thai curry is on the menu

Customizable bowls, bibimbap, and more await
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Char’d, a new fast-casual restaurant serving dishes from across Southeast Asia, has officially arrived in Richardson.

The restaurant opened its doors this week at 1251 State Street in the CityLine development. The Dallas-born eatery joins Mexican restaurant Fernando’s, Fish City Grill, Jasper’s, and Pho is for Lovers at the rapidly-growing dining development, along with forthcoming spots like an outpost of Oni Ramen, salad chain Coolgreens, and a sports bar called Ace’s Sports Hangar.

As far as the food is concerned, diners can look forward to an expansive menu of dishes hailing from countries across Asia. Korean bibimbap, Vietnamese grilled pork, Thai red curry, and banh mi are on the menu, along with customizable bowls that can be made keto, paleo, or gluten-free depending on the protein, base, and sauces chosen. Craft beer will be on offer, along with ice cream in flavors like green tea and purple yam (ube).

Char’d is now open for lunch and dinner service daily.