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Oak Cliff’s New Pub Is Now Serving More Than Two Dozen Irish Brews

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Cannon’s Corner has arrived, and so have its Scotch eggs

Wash down these crispy Scotch Eggs with an Irish beer
Courtesy Cannon’s Corner
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Cannon’s Corner, a new Irish pub with an extensive list of brews from the Emerald Isle, has officially opened its doors in Oak Cliff.

The bar arrived this week at 1314 West Davis Street, and is a sister establishment to two already open Irish pubs — Downtown Dallas’s Crafty Irishman and recent One Arts Plaza addition the Playwright. “This part of town reminds me of a Dublin suburb where he opened his first bar in south Dublin,” owner Alan Kearney said in a statement. “ I appreciate the history has been well cared for, which is important to me coming from Ireland; keeping the same culture and tradition of the area.”

Cannon’s Corner will serve the self-described largest selection of Irish beers in DFW, with more than 25 on tap. Another 200 Irish whiskeys will be on offer, along with theme-appropriate eats like Scotch eggs, corned beef with cabbage, bangers and mash, and fish and chips. Traditional Irish breakfast will be served all day long, along with coffee drinks.

The city’s newest Irish pub is now officially open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.