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Take a Walk Around Wah Wah, Lower Greenville’s New ‘70s-Themed Cocktail Den

The new offshoot from Laurel Tavern debuted last week

Wah Wah, Lower Greenville’s newest drinking destination, has arrived. The new bar from the minds behind Laurel Tavern debuted last week right next door to its sister establishment, bringing a decidedly rebellious vibe and plenty of ‘70s nostalgia.

Taking its name from the electric modifier pedal that is responsible for many unforgettable guitar solos of the 1970’s, the new bar at 1922 Greenville Avenue officially kicked open the doors on Thursday of last week. Wah Wah shares a kitchen and patio with Laurel Tavern, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Where Laurel Tavern feels closer to a place where you might take the parents for some burgers and brews, Wah Wah is much more intimate, and lends itself to a date spot. And while the space may be reminiscent of more party-focused establishments, don’t call it a club.

As far as its aesthetic is concerned, Wah Wah recalls a 1970s recording studio. The first sensation of Wah Wah though isn’t its looks, but its sound. When a place is designed to imitate a recording studio it, not surprisingly, has excellent acoustic properties. Dark corkboard flanks both walls, and soundproofing foam performs its duties along the ceiling. Low-slung couches and plush stools are scattered throughout the space for seating, and thick curtains guard the entryway to a moodily-lit single room, warmed by cedar countertops.

Along with this audiophiles dream is the “analog corner,” packed with still-functional 8-track tape, amplifiers, vacuum tubes, and a proud reel-to-reel deck buzz happily against the right side seating area. And of course, because this is 2019, Wah Wah comes complete with a Instagram-standard neon sign along the back hallway of the bar that beams “Living my best life.” Despite Laurel Tavern’s family-friendly vibe, Wah Wah is decidedly for adults. Its drink menu includes items such as “This Shit Is Bananas”, a shot of banana, Montenegro amaro, and white rum. The bathrooms are plastered from floor-to-ceiling with period-appropriate magazine and newspaper cutouts, naked women and album covers included.

Before heading to Wah Wah for a drink, take a virtual walk through the space courtesy of Eater photographer Kathy Tran.

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