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A Chic New Kosher Cafe Debuts This Month Near the Galleria

The Market Local Comfort Cafe will serve Kosher-friendly pescetarian eats

Photo by Rachel Pinn

In the coming weeks, the Market Local Comfort Cafe will bring a bounty of Kosher dining options to a space in North Dallas.

The restaurant at 13534 Preston Road is a project of chef Jordona Kohn and co-owner Stacy Clark, and will open its doors on May 24. The Market Local Comfort Cafe will focus on being inclusive, no matter their guests’ dietary preferences. “It’s like if True Food Kitchen and First Watch had a New York baby,” Kohn says. “Breakfast, brunch and lunch, American-style. East Coast meets local. Soups, salads, sandwiches. Nothing pretentious.”

But don’t look for the typical bacon-and-eggs breakfast plate to show up on the menu at The Market Local Comfort Cafe. Because the restaurant will only serve Kosher options, pork products are literally off the table. And because in Jewish dietary law milk and meat are not permitted to be consumed together, the menu will be (mostly) meatless.

“It’s pescatarian, with options for vegans and vegetarians,” says Kohn, thanks to the addition of a separate and entirely dairy-free or Pareve kitchen. She’ll smoke and cure her own fish for gravlax, and figures that diners won’t even notice the lack of meat on the menu. “We’re not going to be taping huge kosher symbols all over the walls,” she says. “It’s fresh, scratch-made food that just happens to also be kosher.”

Photo credit: Rachel Pinn

In their effort to be unlike the typical kosher restaurant, Kohn and Clark also hired an designer to help them with the chic interior of the space, which combines different tile patterns with Moroccan accents and luxe finishings to create a very eclectic vibe. Coffee and breakfast service will start at 6:00 a.m., with a full pastry program, corporate catering, delivery and lots of grab-and-go options from a sliding door fridge near the bar.

Look for The Market Local Comfort Cafe to open its doors officially on May 24, with Sunday brunch service (including free mimosas) to begin in June.