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Former Cane Rosso Pizzaiolo Plots New Italian Restaurant Downtown

Partenope is set to arrive this fall

Cheese-stuffed bread is en route to Downtown
Emily Loving
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Partenope, a new Italian restaurant from former Cane Rosso pizzaiolo Dino Santonicola, will officially open its doors in Downtown Dallas this fall.

The new restaurant is set to arrive in the Titche-Goettinger building at 1901 Main Street in the coming months. the Naples-born chef teamed up with his wife Megan for the restaurant, a hospitality industry veteran who worked at Cane Rosso and the long-shuttered Central 214.

Considering Santonicola’s origins, it’s not surprising that Partenope will focus on a menu of southern Italian dishes, ranging from the pizza fritta (fried pizza that’s stuffed with toppings) that earned him a gold medal at the AVPN Olympics, a global pizza competition that’s held every summer in Naples, to pastas like timbaletto di melanzane (eggplant stuffed with bucatini, beef, cheese, sausage, and boiled egg) and slow-braised braciole di carne. As far as the booze is concerned, the menu will focus on cocktails spiked with aperitivi and a list of Italian wines.

Partenope is expected to open its doors sometime this fall. Stay tuned for an official opening date.