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Hatchways Cafe Debuts Healthy Grab-and-Go Fare in Victory Park

Find gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options


A new cafe for health-conscious casual fare and takeaway meals has just debuted in Victory Park from the same group behind Billy Can Can.

Hatchways Café just threw open its doors at 2346 Victory Park Lane, directly adjacent to a new co-working space that shares the Hatchways name. Droese Raney Architecture envisioned a light-filled design for the interiors that will be home to breakfast, lunch, and snacks served from morning until early evening.

According to a press release, the Hatchways menu puts a healthy spin on internationally influenced cuisine — it touts whole grains, flavonoid-rich fruits and vegetables, “a wariness” of refined sugar and refined flour, plus options for vegans, vegetarians, and those with food allergies and gluten intolerance. Menu items include pastries, breakfast burritos, and breakfast sandwiches to start the day; plus power bowls, salads, and sandwiches for lunch or an early evening meal. Dallas’ Full City Rooster is supplying the coffee.

All menu items from Hatchways Café can be ordered online and delivered to users in the Hatchways Workspace next door once it opens next month. “Hatchways should be thought of as a place for people to eat delicious yet nutritious fare while getting their best work done,” reads a press release.

Hatchways Cafe is now open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.