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An Asian Eatery With An Enormous Menu Just Opened in East Dallas

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Hungry Belly took over Mamasan Poke’s former spot

Hungry Belly/Facebook

A new spot for sushi, noodles, bento boxes, and more just debuted in East Dallas this week.

Hungry Belly threw open its doors in the space formerly occupied by Mamasan House of Poke at 2818 N Fitzhugh Avenue. The space features the the same general layout as the previous tenant, with a large angular patio out front that offers table-and-chair and lounge seating. Inside, diners will find industrial chic interiors with warm wood accents and mural art on the white-washed walls.

According to a menu posted on Door Dash, Hungry Belly offers a very extensive list of Asian-inspired eats. Think small bites like kimchi or pork belly-topped fries, beef and shrimp gyoza, baby octopus salad, and miso soup; tons of noodle dishes including ramen and udon varieties; fried rice options; bento boxes; and Asian-inspired burgers and tacos. Then there are whole menu sections devoted to Korean delicacies like barbecue and bibimbap and a wide assortment of sushi rolls and sashimi. According to photos posted to its Instagram account, Hungry Belly also appears to have a full bar. No word yet on what kind of specialty cocktails are on offer.

Hungry Belly is now open and serving food from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily.