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A Popular Asian Teahouse Hits Frisco This Week

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7 Leaves Cafe brings tea, coffee, macarons, and more to Frisco Ranch

7 Leaves Cafe/Facebook
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7 Leaves Cafe, a cozy Asian teahouse known for its specialty drinks, will open its doors in Frisco this week.

The cafe is the newest addition to Frisco Ranch at 9292 Warren Parkway, a development that’s positively bustling with exciting new Asian dining and dessert establishments. 7 Leaves got its start in Southern California, and has since expanded to more than dozen locations across California, Nevada, and Texas. The first Texas outpost arrived in early 2019, when 7 Leaves opened a cafe in Houston’s Chinatown.

The menu at 7 Leaves Cafe boasts a lengthy list of coffee, tea, and juice-based drinks, ranging from the classic jasmine milk tea to hand-squeezed passionfruit juice. Teas can be garnished with chewy tapioca pearls, aloe vera jelly, custard pudding, and “sea cream,” a whipped topping spiked with sea salt. Eight different flavors of macarons are also on offer, in flavors like Earl Grey and salted caramel.

7 Leaves Cafe will celebrate its arrival with an over-the-top grand opening party on Saturday, July 20, starting at 11 a.m.