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Where to Sip Boozy, Bubbly Spiked Seltzer All Summer Long

White Claw and other alcohol-laden, carbonated drinks are dominating bar menus

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Find literal buckets of White Claw in Dallas
White Claw/Facebook
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This summer, there’s no trendier drink around than a slim can of White Claw seltzer. As Salon’s Ashlie Stevens noted, we are in the throes of a full-on “White Claw summer,” with the cans of fizzy, low-calorie seltzer in flavors like grapefruit and black cherry dominating both Instagram feeds and bar menus across the country while inspiring countless memes.

It’s easy to see the appeal of spiked seltzer, especially during these sweltering Texas summers, when beer feels a little too heavy and cocktails just aren’t refreshing enough. The spiked seltzer trend is so serious, in fact, that it’s recently been outselling craft beer, long the alcoholic darling of hip drinkers everywhere. White Claw isn’t the only spiked seltzer player in the market — vodka giant Smirnoff recently introduced its own version, Austin’s Mighty Swell seltzer is cropping up on shelves in Texas and beyond — but it does seem to reign supreme on Dallas cocktail menus.

Looking for a spot to sip cans of White Claw or cocktails infused with the bubbly, boozy drink? Check out the list below of bars slinging White Claw and other spiked seltzers, and check back — we’ll be adding new spots throughout the summer.

  • Regeneration Arcade Bar — All five flavors of White Claw seltzer are on the menu at this gamer’s paradise, including the best flavor: black cherry.
  • Ross & Hall — Two different brands of spiked seltzer — White Claw and Truly — are on the menu here.
  • State & AllenLiteral buckets of White Claw seltzer are on offer at this Uptown bar.
  • Easy Slider — This Deep Ellum burger joint serves a decidedly millennial take on the classic boilermaker with the Extra, which pairs a black cherry white claw with your choice of Deep Eddy flavored (or not) vodka. Bonus: during happy hour this boozy one-two punch is only $6.
  • RBC — Claw is the law at this recently revamped Dallas club, where its owners say the spiked seltzer has been one of the spot’s top sellers for months. Black cherry and lime are, apparently, the most popular flavors.
  • The Foundry — As of this week, this beloved outdoor drinking venue is now slinging all flavors of White Claw.
  • The Ivy Tavern — During happy hour, which runs from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays, score $1 off every can of White Claw.
  • Izkina — Find fancy cocktails infused with White Claw at this restaurant inside the Deep Ellum Hostel, including a frozen cocktail called the “Clawsome.”

If you havent heard yet, at Izkina we have a FROZEN WHITE CLAW COCKTAIL we are calling "CLAW-SOME". Should totally come...

Posted by Izkina on Saturday, June 15, 2019