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Vibrant Cold Pressed Juice Will Debut in Uptown This Month

Pressed Juicery will have vegan soft serve too

Ashlee Huff

Pressed Juicery, a national chain for healthy plant-based drinkable fare, will officially debut its first Dallas location this month.

The new arrival will be located at 2222 McKinney, Suite 230 in the heart of Uptown, with more DFW locations on the horizon including a store in Southlake Town Square set to open in September. The Uptown Plaza store will serve up cold-pressed juices, “functional” shots, plant-based milks, and vegan soft serve in flavors like pineapple, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla that can be topped with gluten-free and vegan treats. Juices are categorized into groups like “citrus,” “roots,” “greens,” and “fruits,” plus juice cleanse packages for the novice or experienced detoxifier. Health conscious grab-and-go snacks will also be on deck.

Pressed Juicery has grown to more than 75 locations across six states with its promise of maximum nutrients, health benefits, and flavor in its pressed juices, which is achieved by working directly with growers so that the lag time between picking and pressing is only three days, according to a press release.

Pressed Juicery officially opens in Uptown on August 15. Stay tuned for news of its future DFW arrivals.