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4 Exciting New Korean Restaurants to Try in Carrollton

This suburb’s strip malls are packed with brand new hidden gems

Korean-style hot dogs cut in half and filled with cheese
Some seriously interesting new hot dogs just landed in Carrollton
Myungrang Hot Dog/Facebook

Even though DFW’s original Koreatown is in Dallas proper, the Korean dining scene in Carrollton has proven itself a worthy contender in recent years. Two shopping centers on either side of George Bush Turnpike are positively packed with restaurants serving everything from killer kimchi-stuffed dumplings to top-notch Korean barbecue, which can make it difficult to venture out and try new spots.

Unfortunately, just sticking to the originals means missing out on tons of exciting new restaurants, like these 5 Carrollton newcomers. Go forth, and feast on Korean-style hot dogs, tteokbokki, and so much more.

Myungrang Hot Dog

Open a little over a month, the first DFW outpost of this hot dog chain is just a stone’s throw from Korean grocer H-Mart, and it makes for an excellent post-shopping snack. These hot dogs seem a little bit more like corny dogs to Texans, but they’re decidedly different than the Fletcher’s you’re going to grab at the fair. Instead, indulge in something different with hot dogs battered and stuffed with mozzarella cheese or squid ink.

2625 Old Denton Road, Suite 314, Carrollton


At this extremely new Carrollton restaurant, tteokbokki, or a Korean dish of rice cakes in a spicy sauce, is the signature. Each bowl of “yupdduk,” as it’s described on the menu, is served with five sausages and a swirl of melty cheese on top, and even more accoutrements (like boiled eggs, ramen noodles, and bacon) can be added to the bowl. And, as a bonus, the heat levels for each bowl can be customized on a scale that ranges from “extra mild” to “challenge.”

2701 Old Denton Road Suite 164, Carrollton

Ari Chicken

Three chicken drumsticks with various sauces, fries in the background
Glazed and dry-rubbed drumsticks at Ari Chicken
Ari Chicken/Facebook

A sibling spot to Ari Korean Barbecue next door, Ari Chicken just made its debut. The focus is almost entirely on crispy Korean fried chicken, tossed in dry seasoning or sauces like a galbi-inspired glaze or the traditional sweet-spicy sauce. Fries, corncheese, and more snacks are also on the menu.

2625 Old Denton Road, Suite 812, Carrollton

BCD Tofu House

Since opening its doors in July, this tofu-obsessed eatery has been packed with diners who are equally enthusastic about soybean curd. Tofu isn’t the only thing on the menu here, though it can be found in soups, salads, and more dishes. For the carnivores, dishes like bibimbap served in hot stone bowls, spicy pork bulgogi, and pork stir-fried with kimchi offer plenty of meaty options.

1050 East Trinity Mills Road, Carrollton

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