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Melios Bros Char Bar, a 49-Year-Old Greenville Avenue Institution, Will Close

Melios Bros Char Bar will serve its final burgers in September

Steak with buttered baked potato and tomatoes in the foreground, toast on a white plate in the background
A steak special at Melios Bros. Char Bar
Melios Bros./Facebook
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After more than 40 years of slinging charbroiled burgers on Greenville Avenue, Melios Bros. Char Bar will shutter next month.

The restaurant announced its impending departure in a Facebook post on Thursday evening, but did not disclose specific reasons for the closure. “Our little blue and white house on lower Greenville has become a landmark because of the love you all have shown us,” the statement reads in part. “We hope you all stop by for a final visit or two, to enjoy our food and help bid our little diner farewell.”

Founded by 3 brothers in 1970, Melios Bros. has developed a cult following in Dallas that spans generations. It’s managed to outlast ongoing gentrification in the neighborhood for decades. Fortunately, diners still have plenty of time to head to Melios Bros. for stacks of perfectly fluffy pancakes, steak sandwiches, and burgers slathered in hickory sauce before Melios Bros. closes its doors for good.

Melios Bros. will turn on the grills for the final time on September 22. Don’t be surprised if it’s completely packed in the coming weeks as devoted fans say their goodbyes.

The Melios Brothers would like to thank all our customers for the support and business you all have given us for over 40...

Posted by Melios Bros Char Bar on Thursday, August 15, 2019