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5 New Restaurants Worth the Drive to Frisco

Try ramen, peri peri chicken, and more at these newcomers

Bowls of ramen garnished with chashu pork, corn, and more from Marufuku Ramen
Bountiful bowls of ramen await
Marufuku Ramen/official photo
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Now home to one of the most thriving dining scenes in the DFW suburbs, it seems like new restaurants are opening almost daily in Frisco. Which means that it’s tough to keep up with all the exciting new restuarants in the area, but Eater’s got your back.

In this edition of Eater’s 5 to Try, which highlights hot new restaurants across the Metroplex, find an excellent new ramen destination, spicy piri piri chicken, and refreshing boba teas that will help beat the summer heat.

Marufuku Ramen

An offshoot of the San Francisco original, Marufuku Ramen arrived in early June and has been wooing diners with its brothy bowls of noodles ever since. Order the classic tonkotsu, garnished with chashu pork and marinated, soft-boiled egg, paired with snacks like takoyaki, pork steamed buns, and plenty of Japanese beer.

7 Leaves Cafe

This Taiwanese boba tea chain just debuted at the Frisco Ranch development, just in time for the hottest days of the year. Order the jasmine tea topped with “sea cream,” a light and creamy foam that’s infused with just a little bit of sea salt. Looking for something on the fruity side? Go for hand-squeezed passionfruit juice in the “Sunset Passion” drink.

Bengal Bar & Grill

East Indian cuisine awaits at Bengal Bar & Grill, where buffets loaded down with Bengali dishes are served for lunch Tuesday through Friday. Outside of those hours, order tandoori chicken, aloo gobi, biryani, and more dishes a la carte.

El Rincon Tex-Mex

An offshoot of the Downtown Carrollton original, this Tex-Mex favorite opened its doors in Frisco earlier this month. Find fajitas, spinach enchiladas smothered in creamy poblano sauce, and tons of margaritas made with tamarind and pineapple-serrano infused tequilas.

The Port of Peri Peri

With roots in Africa and Portugal, peri peri chicken is spicy and complex. At this Frisco newcomer, find succulent grilled chicken slathered in mild, medium, garlic-herb, or extra-hot sauce paired with sides like cassava fries, yellow rice, and flame-grilled corn on the cob.