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Embroiled in a Lawsuit, A Dallas Corn Dog Restaurant Looks For a New Name

Formerly known as Fletch, the new eatery is from a descendant of the Fletcher’s Corny Dog clan

Similar name, different corny dog
Fletch [Official Photo]
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Formerly known as Fletch, a new Dallas restaurant that specializes in corn dogs is looking for a new name as it fights off a lawsuit.

Right now, owner Jace Fletcher Christensen is calling her restaurant Corndog With No Name, and has covered up any mentions of her famous name from the restaurant’s signage as she waits for the lawsuit to be settled, according to CBS 11. As reported previously by Eater, Christensen is the great-granddaughter of Neil Fletcher, who is credited with inventing the famed Fletcher’s Corny Dog in 1942, but she is not affiliated with the members of the family who operate the Fletcher’s Original State Fair Corny Dogs stand at Fair Park.

Soon after Christensen announced that she would open Fletch as a pop-up, the Fletcher’s family immediately distanced itself from the project. Later, the side of the Fletcher family that operates the iconic State Fair corny dog stand filed a lawsuit, alleging that Christensen’s restaurant engaged in “willful trademark infringement and unfair competition.” The family also alleged that longtime fans of their corny dogs were confused by Fletch, thinking that it was an official offshoot of Fletcher’s Original State Fair Corny Dogs.

As such, Christensen is seeking help with a new name for her restaurant, which just opened its doors at 10220 Technology Boulevard East in Dallas. A poll created to find the new name indicates that there are currently seven contenders, including Corn Dog Queen, Fry Deeply, and Grandma’s Corn Dogs. “FarePlay,” an obvious nod to the restaurant’s controversial connection to the State Fair, is also an option, as is, for whatever reason, “Freakshow.”

For right now, though, Corndog With No Name will operate without an official moniker, and will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.