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A Knox-Henderson Bar Becomes a Hilarious Ode to ‘The Office’ This Month

Drink around the water cooler, er, bar, at Dunder Whiplin Inc. Beverage Company

The Office Photo by Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Starting next week, popular Knox-Henderson watering hole The Whippersnapper will pay homage to the everyday lives of sitcom stars on The Office.

The Whippersnapper, located at 1806 McMillan Avenue, is on a pop-up streak as of late. Last year the bar temporarily transformed into temples to Harry Potter and Family Guy.

Its latest theme is all about the long-running NBC series that made a mockery of the 9-to-5 set with the help of boss Michael Gary Scott (aka Steve Carell).

To get into theme, The Whippersnapper will close for a days-long revamp starting Sunday, January 5, and reopen as Dunder Whiplin Inc. Beverage Company on Thursday, January 9. The name is a riff on the faux Dunder Mifflin Paper Company the show’s characters worked at in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The cheeky bar will run a little over a month, until Saturday, February 15. Hours are Wednesday to Saturday from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Details on the themed food and drink menus are slim for now, but expect employees to be parading around in the same ill-fitting suits and ties characters sported on the show.

The team also promises photo booths and murals from local artists from the show.

The Whippersnapper comes from Dallas-based This & That Hospitality, the prolific bar group behind High Fives, Tiny Victories, Ferris Wheelers, Alice and Dibs on Victory.