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A Famed New Orleans Daiquiri Chain Plans to Blanket Dallas With Frozen Drinks

Get ready for up to 60 brick-and-mortar and drive-thru daiquiri shops across Dallas-Fort Worth

New Orleans Original Daiquiris’s starring lineup of colorful concoctions.
New Orleans Original Daiquiris/official photo

New Orleans Original Daiquiris will bring its Big Easy brain freezes to Dallas in a big way.

The frozen cocktail chain, which serves a dizzying amount of spiked drinks like the Crawgator and Mardi Gras Mash, just announced aggressive plans to plant up to 33 locations in Dallas and 35 in Fort Worth.

New Orleans Original Daiquiris claims to have poured nearly 250 million frozen drinks since it first location debuted in 1983. More than 30 locations are currently sprinkled across its home state of Louisiana.

Dallas-Fort Worth’s high volume of tourists and colleges made the city super appealing to the brand, the team tells Eater. The fact that Texas legalized drive-thru daiquiri operations also played a big part in its decision to expand here.

The company hopes to break into the market “as soon as possible” and is currently looking for franchisees to come aboard. Each location is sized around 1,200 to 1,500 square feet, and drive-thru situations can be even smaller.

The menu boasts a whopping 16,000 drink variations, all stemming from its proprietary daiquiri mix. Best sellers include its 190 Octane, Pina Colada, White Russian, and Jungle Juice, to name a few. All sugary elixirs are ready to serve once they’re loaded into New Orleans Original Daiquiris’ mixing machines.