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Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins Won’t Allow Bars to Reopen Following Gov. Abbott’s Latest Order

Jenkins cited recommendations from the county’s public health committee as the rationale behind his decision

Bar at Bar Charles
The bar at Bar Charles
Garrett Hall/EDFW
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Even though bars in Texas can technically reopen following Gov. Greg Abbott’s latest executive order, judge Clay Jenkins has announced that it won’t be happening in Dallas County.

The new guidance from the governor’s office, announced in a video posted to Abbott’s Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon, allows bars in regions where COVID-19 hospitalizations account for 15 percent or less of that area’s hospital capacity. Following Abbott’s proclamation, Jenkins quickly issued a statement on Twitter, noting that the numbers are still too high for Dallas County’s bars to reopen.

“I will not file to open them at this time,” Jenkins said, citing recommendations from the county’s Public Health Committee. “I will listen to everyone, but will follow the science.” Jenkins declined to elaborate on that statement when reached for comment by Eater.

Dallas bars have been closed since at least June 26, a little more than a month after Abbott allowed the drinking establishments to reopen at limited capacity.