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Popular Wine Bar Postino Brings Its Boozy Brunches to Deep Ellum Next Year

Top-notch bottles and shareable snacks are officially en route

a wooden board on a table with four types of bruschetta
Postino is bringing its boozy brunches and bruschetta boards to Deep Ellum.

A charming neighborhood wine bar is set to open its first location in Dallas sometime early next year.

Postino WineCafe, which already operates two locations in Houston, along with restaurants in Colorado and Arizona, has plans to open at 2647 Main Street in Deep Ellum in Spring of 2021, according to a press release.

The wine bar and neighborhood hangout is known for boozy brunches, paninis, casual dinners and sharables, like carpaccio, olives and crispy cauliflower. It also offers a hard-to-beat board-and-a-bottle deal for $25, in which diners can split a choice of four types of bruscetta and a bottle of wine.

Deep Ellum is a good choice for Postino’s first Metroplex location, as the chain is also known for renovating historical buildings. The eatery’s first location, a 1940s former post office in Phoenix, AZ, gave the business its name — Postino is Italian for postman. A location in Houston is in the building that used to be longtime gay bar Montrose Mining Company — flyers on the wall pay homage to that building’s history.

“Feeling a connection and alignment with a neighborhood and its community is what drives us to open our doors and a new location,” Postino cofounder Lauren Bailey said in a statement. “It might sound a little woo woo, but I wait for goosebumps and that feeling in my gut that this is our next home. There is so much to love about the City of Dallas — and Deep Ellum in particular — with its multi-decade patina of creativity and culture.”

No word yet on an exact opening date, but stay tuned.