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A New Taiwanese Tea Shop Brings Handmade Boba to Carrollton

Sip on black milk tea with brown sugar boba and cheese foam at the brand new OneZo when it opens in December

Colorful boba teas from OneZo
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OneZo, a brand new Taiwanese boba chain, is officially bringing its freshly made tapioca pearls to Carrollton.

A rep for the chain tells Eater that OneZo will officially open its doors at 4060 SH 121, Suite 128, in Carrollton on December 4. Born in Taiwan in 2015, the chain debuted in the U.S. in California, and has since expanded to locations in Massachusetts and a forthcoming outpost in New York City. This is the first Texas location for OneZo, which is known for making its colorful tapioca pearls in-house as opposed to the much more common pre-packaged boba.

Scope out an extremely satisfying video of the boba-making process below:

Those freshly made, super-soft boba pearls are available in flavors like matcha, brown sugar, and black sesame, and can be mixed into classic drinks like black milk tea and oolong tea topped with sweet cheese foam. Smoothies and slushes are also on the menu, along with milkshakes spiked with brown sugar syrup and Oreos, strawberry, and mango.

When OneZo arrives on December 4, the shop will offer 50 percent off first-time tea purchases all weekend long.