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An Inventive New Pizzeria Is Now Slinging Chicken Tikka Pies in Richardson

Also on the menu at Far East Pizza: fluffy naan sandwiches, pastas, and more

a square pizza with pepperoni and sausage on a wooden cutting board
A halal beef pepperoni pie from Far East Pizza
Far East Pizza

An exciting new Asian-inspired pizzeria has arrived in Richardson, complete with halal beef pepperoni pizzas and fluffy naan sandwiches.

Far East Pizza, which is now open at 1500 N. Greenville Ave #110, is the brainchild of chef Nidhi Mittal, an immigrant from India. Mittal, her husband, and their two children moved to the United States three years ago, and opened a deli inside a business complex. But once the pandemic began and people started working from home, they decided to change course.

For her new venture, Mittal got some help from chef Troy Gardner of TLC Vegan Kitchen, whose previous restaurant, Samson’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, counted among its fans celebrities like Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu. Gardner himself became a fan of Mittal’s cooking, specifically her butter chicken masala, after several visits to her deli.

a photo of two chefs in demin blue cooking jackets, standing in a kitchen next to stainless steel appliances. The man, on the lft, has dreadlocks and his arms are crossed at this chest. The woman, on the right, is of Indian descent. She is leaning against the stove.
Chefs Troy Gardner and Nidhi Mittal
Far East Pizza

The two chefs have teamed up to create a menu pairing the flavors of North India with classic Italian American dishes. The result is a delightful collection of pizzas with toppings like chicken tikka masala and butter paneer; pastas mixing spices like cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon with roasted tomatoes and basil; and naan sandwiches served with housemade plantain chips, like The Grilled Cheesiest, with mozzarella and asiago cheeses, spinach, and tomatoes.

Like TLC Vegan Kitchen, Far East Pizza will be takeout and delivery only. Diners can order online through the Toast takeout app.