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Frisco’s Beloved Heritage Table Temporarily Transforms Into a Swanky Sandwich Shop

The pandemic-era pivot is called Impractical Sandwich, and it’s slinging smoked brisket cheesesteaks, po’ boys, and more

Wagyu Bologna Sandwich at Impractical Sandwich
Courtesy of The Heritage Table/Impractical Sandwich

After trying to roll with the pandemic-era punches for nine months, beloved Frisco restaurant the Heritage Table is making some serious changes.

Instead of trying to stay afloat as a full-service establishment, the restaurant has temporarily transformed itself into a pop-up spot called the Impractical Sandwich that’s set to open its doors at 7110 Main Street on December 3. In addition to brown-bag lunches and a seriously interesting menu of sandwiches, the shop will also sell its chef-made meats, spreads, sauces, and soups for takeout, by the pint and pound.

The starting lineup of sandwiches includes a Wagyu beef bologna made in-house from A-Bar-N brisket,smoked brisket cheesesteak, a BLT, banh mi made with New York strip steak, and a po’ boy laden with shrimp and sausage. On the market side, the deli will sling the ingredients necessary to make these swanky sandwiches at home.

“We house-cure and smoke our meats, hand-pickle and prep our veggies and make our marmalades, mustards and dressings from scratch.” owner Rich Vana tells Eater. “That’s a lot of work for one individual sandwich and would be rather impractical to make on your own, so we will do it for you!”

Impractical Sandwich is located at 7110 Main Street in Frisco. When it opens on December 3, the shop will serve lunch between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.