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Fort Worth Chef Marcus Paslay Debuts a ‘Texas Brasserie’ in the Stockyards Soon

Provender Hall opens in March with crispy okra and chicken gumbo

Grilled fish with rice and black eyed peas
Courtesy Provender Hall

Acclaimed Fort Worth chef and restaurateur Marcus Paslay just spilled details on his new “Texas brasserie” coming to the Stockyards in March.

Provender Hall, named after the historic neighborhood’s cattle-centric roots, will debut in Mule Alley in March (122 E. Exchange Avenue).

Paslay (Clay Pigeon, Piattello Italian Kitchen) puts a spin on American comfort foods at his latest two-story venture. The cooking process is a theatrical and smoky event, thanks to a J&R smoker and wood-burning grill.

The menu includes oysters on the half-shell, chicken gumbo, and buffalo tenderloin, paired with salads and sides like crispy okra, braised greens, and cheddar-cheese grits. Dinner orders include smoked chicken half-bird with grilled broccolini, blackened shrimp and grits with a blistered tomato beurre blanc, and a smoked pork chop with a white bean stew.

“This is really the way I like to eat,” Paslay says in a statement. “I find a lot of comfort in this style of dining—it’s like a Texas brasserie.”

The opening also marks the promotion of Piattello chef Scott Lewis to head of kitchen operations at all of Paslay’s restaurants.

The 5,000-square-foot setup includes an open-air kitchen on the first floor and a second floor wood-and-brick dining room with two catwalks overlooking diners below. Lunch will join the mix in the coming weeks.