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Hot Cheetos-Flavored Ice Cream Emerges as a Top Texas Trend

Try it in a milkshake or a cone

Photo: Milky Treats/Facebook

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust is emerging as the hottest trend in dessert this spring in Texas. First, snack food fans saw it in the ultimate in high-end-meets-junk-food option, via Houston chef Vanarin Kuch’s elegant croissant flavored with a sprinkling of crunchy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. This Hot Cheetos croissant is filled with nacho cheese, naturally.

Ice cream shops in Houston and Dallas are also experimenting with Flamin’ Hot Cheeto-flavored treats. Milky Treats, which opened in Plano in June 2018, is known for its creative scoops like salty toffee and “unicorn brownie” — available in a cone, bowl or stuffed into a doughnut. Yesterday, Milky Treats posted Hot Cheeto-flavored ice cream cone on Instagram with the caption: “New swirl alert.”

Meanwhile, Houston’s Red Circle Ice Cream is all about polarizing flavors (like crawfish). The ice cream chain has long been known for its “Hot Cheetos” ice cream scoops, and the Pearland location just posted its “Hot Cheeto Churro” shake in all its glory.