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Anonymous Do-Gooders Bought $5,000 Worth of Chocolate to Donate to the North Texas Food Bank

The order helped local chocolatier Kate Weiser continue paying her employees

Photo: Kate Weiser Chocolate/Facebook

In ways large and small, Dallas diners are helping to support the local restaurants and food businesses that they love during the coronavirus shutdowns.

Kate Weiser Chocolate just shared a story of generosity: in a press release, the chocolatier announced that an unnamed couple made a pre-order for $5,000 worth of the brand’s Carl the Snowman hot chocolate sculptures. The anonymous customers requested that Kate Weiser Chocolates donate their order to the North Texas Food Bank.

The purchase helped Weiser keep staff on she might’ve had to lay off. “I was literally putting together a spreadsheet last night, trying to find ways that we can all survive over the next few months, when the order came in,” Weiser said in a press release. “It warmed my heart to see such an act of generosity and selflessness in a climate where it’s easy to just think of yourself. My staff and I are so grateful to our anonymous supporters, and we’ll work hard to keep making treats that will hopefully bring smiles to peoples’ faces.”