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Sevy’s Grill Credits the Paycheck Protection Program for Its Comeback

The long-running family destination opens for lunch on April 30

Photo: Sevy’s Grill/Facebook

Sevy’s Grill, a longtime outing for family dinners, will be open in time to celebrate its 23rd anniversary. The Dallas restaurant at 8201 Preston Road announced that after a temporary closure, it will re-open for lunch service beginning April 30 with to-go meals in its valet parking area. Sevy’s owners credited the government’s Paycheck Protection Program, which offers federal loans in exchange for keeping employees on payroll, for its ability to keep going.

An email blast and Facebook post reads: “We were blessed to be a part of the Paycheck Protection Program to help fund our comeback. The health and safety of our staff and guests will still be in the forefront of our journey back.”

The rollout for the program’s been fraught, with many restaurants shut out from federal aid before the money ran out and other larger restaurant chains returning federally subsidized loans. The House of Representatives is expected to pass more funding for PPP today.

At Sevy’s, the reopening plan involves temperature checks for employees every shift and mandatory use of masks and gloves. Hours will be Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. with a limited menu and pre-orders online on its website or over the phone.

The restaurant’s big 23rd anniversary is on Friday, May —, right before Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 10, when Sevy’s Grill will serve a special to-go menu for moms.