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The Ultimate Guide to Takeout Dining in Dallas

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed how we eat, but there’s still a whole lot of great food out there for takeout and delivery

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Over the past few months, the coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the way that dining works in Dallas. With several establishments still closed, fine-dining restaurants pivoting to more casual eats, and the arrival of to-go cocktails, it’s safe to say that a whole lot has changed over these past few months.

But still, people have to eat. While many, if not most, of the city’s restaurants have reopened their dining rooms at limited capacity in accordance with state guidelines, there are still plenty of people who don’t feel comfortable dining out just yet. There are some significant health and safety concerns for dining in right now, both for patrons and the workers in these restaurants, that make picking up a takeout order one of the best options for supporting your favorite establishments right now.

Use this extensive roundup of the city’s finest takeout options — ranging from iconic Tex-Mex restaurants to cheesy burgers and super-fresh sushi — as a guide to dining during these truly weird times.