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Dallas Mavericks’ Seth Curry Donated Cane Rosso Pizzas to Local Healthcare Workers

Plus, how one liquor company transitioned to churning out hand sanitizer

Team members from Cane Rosso deliver pizzas to Parkland Hospital 
Photo: Cane Ross/Facebook

Welcome to AM Intel in the time of coronavirus, a round-up of the city’s newest bits of restaurant-related intel. Follow Eater on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date details on how COVID-19 is impacting the city’s dining scene.

Mavs player Seth Curry helps feed Parkland Hospital staff

Dallas Cowboy players aren’t the only pro athletes supporting local businesses and the community: Dallas Mavericks three point shooter Seth Curry bought a whole bunch of pizzas for healthcare workers from popular pizzeria Cane Rosso. The pizza place shared his good deed in a Facebook post, writing:

“Whenever he’s not knockin’ down 3s for the Dallas Mavericks, Seth Curry is buying pizzas for healthcare workers in his city!! Thanks to his generous donation, we were able to take 50 more pizzas to feed the hardworking doctors, nurses, and staff at Parkland Hospital last night!! Hopefully, we got ourselves a few new #MFFLs AND #CRFFLs with this pizza drop, so let’s give it up for Mr. Curry, the Mavs, and everybody working to help people beat this thing!!”

Cane Rosso has a link on their website for anyone who wants to donate pizzas to hospitals, nurses, first responders, or out of work service industry employees.

A local liquor company is helping HEB sanitize its stores

The Dallas Business Journal interviewed Merrilee Kick, the CEO of liquor company Southern Champion, to find out exactly how she transitioned her facility to whip up hand sanitizer. Kick explained that the machinery didn’t have to be modified at all, and that the company is donating its sanitizer to hospitals, health care providers, grocery stores — including HEB, which is using it to sanitize stores and provide employees with hand sanitizer.

A Bon Appetit’s Priya Krishna is currently filming YouTube videos in Dallas

D magazine noticed that Bon Appetit YouTube fav Priya Krishna is sheltering in place with her family in Dallas and filming videos from there. Krishna chatted with D about her go-tos for comfort food and cocktails, and she shared that the favorite Dallas takeout she’s tried so far is Khao Noodle Shop.