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Dallas County Residents Now Required to Wear Masks In Restaurants

Restaurant employees are also required to mask up


A new amendment to Dallas County’s Safer at Home order makes it mandatory for employees of restaurants, food preparation businesses and processing plants to wear masks while at work.

Patrons of those businesses are also required to wear masks — unless — presumably — they are in the process of eating.

 The order, which is in effect through May 15, makes measures recommended at the end of April by Texas Governor Greg Abbott required for Dallas County residents. While the order states that violations are punishable by a fine up to $1,000, Jenkins told NBC 5 on Monday that the county does not plan to issue fines, but that code enforcement officers may issue fines to establishments that don’t comply.

The amendment comes after the second straight day of record-high new cases in Dallas County. During his announcement, Jenkins said the county has recorded three more deaths and 237 new cases on Monday. There are now 4,370 total cases in Dallas County.