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‘Cheese Wife’ Becomes a Meme After Husband’s DFW Restaurant Service Complaint Tweet Goes Viral

Plus, more Dallas dining intel

a plate of chicken and beef fajitas with toppings on the side
A plate of mixed fajitas at Mi Cocina, cheese on the side.
Mi Cocina / Facebook

Welcome to AM Intel in the time of coronavirus, a round-up of the city’s newest bits of restaurant-related intel. Follow Eater on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date details on how COVID-19 is impacting the city’s dining scene.

Couple goes viral after complaining on Twitter over long wait for shredded cheese

A North Texas couple went viral this weekend after the husband, Twitter user Jason Vicknair, posted an image of his wife to social media while they were dining at an Allen, TX, restaurant. In the tweet, which has since been deleted, Vicknair wrote that his wife had been “waiting for shredded cheese, as it’s the only way she can eat fajitas. We’ve asked four people, going on 18 minutes now. We gotta quit blaming COVID19 for crappy service.” The restaurant, Mi Cocina in Allen, was tagged in the tweet, which was accompanied by a photo of Vicknair’s wife that was almost Gothic in composition. “Cheese Wife,” as she is now known forever, is leaning against the wall, looking forlornly at a plate full of untouched beef fajitas.

The original “cheese wife” tweet.
Know Your Meme

The tweet was quickly and mercilessly mocked due to the fact that restaurants are struggling more than ever now in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Twitter users also pointed out that Vicknair has made a habit of publicly ranting about local businesses on Twitter. At one point, Vicknair himself even retweeted a version of the Cheese Wife meme set to Sarah McLachlan’s maudlin song “Arms of the Angel,” but that retweet has also been deleted.

Vicknair posted this morning that he and his wife are longtime regulars of the restaurant, and that the original tweet was dumb and badly-timed. He also said he was trying to reach out to Mi Cocina to apologize.

Woman has meltdown over mask order at Dallas-area Fiesta store

In another viral post this weekend, a woman in what appears to be a Dallas-area Fiesta store was caught on camera having a complete meltdown after apparently being asked not to remove her mask inside the store. The woman stands behind her full grocery cart and starts throwing packages of food, including raw meat, towards the camera, while yelling profanities. An employee asks for someone to call the police. As the woman storms off, the viewer can see she is carrying a face mask in her right hand.

Both Dallas County and Tarrant County issued mandatory mask orders last week. The incident is similar to one that took place at a North Hollywood Trader Joes in California this weekend.

Richardson bar defies governor’s order to close, cites TABC mix-up

Six Springs Tavern, a Richardson bar and music venue, was closed by TABC officials Friday night after announcing its intentions to stay open in defiance of Governer Greg Abbott’s order requiring all bars to close down again due to the coronavirus pandemic. The bar, which serves food and had a concert scheduled for Friday night, eventually had to close anyway due to what is apparently a liquor license mix-up.

Posting on Facebook, a representative from the bar wrote that when TABC officials arrived, they discovered there was an issue with Six Spring’s liquor license, and that the bar had to close. A later Facebook post said that the bar’s concerts and events are currently postponed while owners weigh their options for reopening.