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Cedar Springs Lesbian Bar Fires Staffer Over ‘Insensitive’ Social Media Posts

A former DJ at the bar made offensive comments about police brutality protesters and the death of George Floyd

Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Cedar Springs bar Sue Ellen’s has fired an employee of the beloved lesbian bar over controversial statements about protesters and the killing of George Floyd on social media.

Sue Ellen’s announced in a statement on Thursday that Mary White, the Dallas DJ better known as DJ Sno White, had been fired from the bar due to “insensitive statements and comments” that White posted to Twitter and Facebook. White’s Twitter account has since been deleted, but multiple screenshots capture posts from the DJ claiming that nationwide protests across the country are “Soros funded riots” and questioned whether or not Floyd had actually been killed by Minneapolis police, among other offensive statements.

“We are against violence and discrimination of any kind, and work diligently with all employees to ensure that our bar is a welcoming and safe space for everyone to celebrate,” the post from Sue Ellen’s reads. “We respect and value people from all communities and will continue to advocate for diversity and inclusion.”

Following the loss of her job, White issued a lengthy public apology via her Facebook page, saying that her intent was to “question the authenticity of information being spread across the mainstream.” “I want to publicly apologize for the context and graphic nature of recent posts that have been circulating social media for the last several days,” White wrote. “The posts in question were not a reflection of my views, nor were they a stance on any movement currently taking place within our society.”