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Clutch Dallas Stars Goalie Anton Khudobin Really Loves Crawfish

In a radio interview on Tuesday, Khudobin agreed that a massive crawfish boil would be a killer celebration if the Stars win the Stanley Cup

Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Five Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
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After a photo of the Dallas Stars goalie chowing down on crawfish went viral on social media, Anton “Dobby” Khudobin has acknowledged that he’s a major mudbug fan.

In an interview with sports radio station the Ticket, Khudobin explained the origin of the famous photo, which depicts the Stanley Cup-bound goalie housing a tray of crawfish while holding a massive beer. Apparently, according to Khudobin, it’s common to eat crawfish after playing hockey with friends and sweating it out in the sauna in his Russian hometown. “You cook, you eat, you enjoy,” Khudobin said in the interview.

Scope out the iconic photo, posted in 2013, below:

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Good times with my friends!

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Later in the interview, Hardline host Corby Davidson suggests a massive crawfish boil celebration for when — fingers crossed — the Dallas Stars win the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup finals are set to begin in the coming weeks, with the Stars taking on either the New York Islanders or the Tampa Bay Lightning, depending on how the NHL’s Eastern Conference Finals shakes out.

No date for the first game of the Stanley Cup finals has been set just yet, but here’s hoping that this upcoming series results in Dobby eating pounds of spicy boiled crawfish straight out of that massive trophy.