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An Exciting New Argentine Restaurant Will Open in the Bishop Arts District This Fall

Find empanadas, Argentine pizza, and parilla-cooked steaks when Chimichurri makes its debut

Chimichurri, the classic Argentine condiment that inspires this restaurant’s name

A new Argentine restaurant will open in the Bishop Arts District next month, serving up empanadas, asado-style grilled meats and cocktails with an emphasis on vermouth.

Chimichurri, at 324 W 7th Street, is the result of a partnership between Jesus Carmona, chef and owner of Tacos Mariachi, and Argentine restaurateur Ramiro Fernandez Pazos, who owns several eateries in Mexico City. Charlie Peralta, who has worked with Pazos for 13 years in Mexico City and beyond, will serve as chef.

The restaurant is named after the bright green sauce frequently used in Argentine cooking. Chimichurri is usually made with parsley, garlic, olive oil and vinegar, but recipes vary by region and even household. The restaurant will reflect that same diversity with dishes and entertainment inspired by the many regions and cultures of Argentina, according to Pazos.

The menu will include dishes like Argentine pizza, choripáns, a sandwich made with crusty bread and topped with a chorizo link and chimichurri sauce, Argentine steak cooked on a parrilla, dulce de leche, and of course, Argentine wine, which will make up about 75% of the restaurant’s wine list.

The restaurant will also include two bars. Diners can start on the terrace with the Vermoutheria, a bar specializing in vermouth cocktails, bitters and spritzes, meant to serve as aperitifs. Indoors, the Tango Bar will serve classic cocktails in a speakeasy-style space. The restaurant will also include decor and memorabilia inspired by the Madonna movie Evita, about Eva Perón, the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until 1952.

“Argentina is a country of immigrants, each with their own story to tell, and its cuisine, art and music reflect this mix of cultures and accents,” says Pazos. “We want to tell these stories and make you feel at home with our cooking.”

Chimichurri is expected to open in October, with dinner service only for the first two weeks. No word yet on a firm opening date.