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Mother-Daughter Duo Brings Vietnamese-Style Fried Chicken to Frisco

Saigon Box also offers up fresh noodle bowls, brisket banh mis

A metal tray with a pile of lightly-battered chicken wings on the right and a deep, rich-looking dipping sauce on the left
Saigon Box’s Vietnamese-style wings are lightly battered and seasoned with fish sauce.
Saigon Box/Facebook

A new restaurant in Frisco is putting a Vietnamese spin on the fried chicken trend currently overtaking the Metroplex. Saigon Box is a mother-daughter run restaurant that features Viet-Cajun cuisine, including brisket banh mi, vermicelli bowls, and shrimp po’ boys.

But one of their most popular dishes is a version of fried chicken with a Vietnamese twist. Unlike Nashville-style fried chicken, with its thick crust and high heat, or Korean-style, which is double-fried for extra crunch, Vietnamese fried chicken features a lighter, finer crust seasoned with fish sauce. Diners can order the fried chicken as a side, or as a family-style meal, featuring 22 pieces, fried rice, pickled veggies and other sides.

The name Saigon Box comes from the fact that mother-daughter team Tha Tong and Huong Tran cook up complete meals served in a box, almost like the grain and poke bowls that have become popular at other restaurants. Diners can choose from a base of rice, noodles or salad, then add toppings like fresh and pickled veggies, bean sprouts, lemongrass pork, five spice chicken or sweet chili tofu. There’s also pho, loaded banh mi fries, and a variety of spring rolls.

Saigon Box first opened at 6363 Dallas Parkway in Frisco in February, just before the coronavirus shutdown. Unknowingly, they’d picked a food concept that would work well under current social distancing conditions. For now, the restaurant is only doing delivery and takeout. Orders can be placed via the Toast app, Doordash, or UberEats, or by calling (214) 494-2035. Scope the menu out here.