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Lobster Lo Mein and More Korean ‘Drinking Snacks’ Await at Forthcoming Uptown Eatery Anju

The exciting new restaurant inspired by Korean soju bars arrives in March

a bowl of fried chicken garnishes with shaved scallion and a side of red dipping sauce
The chicken karaage at Anju
City Council Restaurant & Bar/Facebook

A new laid-back eatery that pays homage to Asian drinking culture is set to debut this March in Uptown.

Called Anju, the restaurant is named after the “drinking snacks” served at Korean soju and beer bars. In Korea, those dishes can be anything from dried fish to nut mix to more elaborate snacks like savory pajeon pancakes and tteokbokki. At Anju, the menu includes items like angus dumplings, perfectly braised pork belly bao, spicy green papaya salad and lobster lo mein. Thought the cocktail menu is still in the works, Anju’s owners promise creative mixology with pairings tailored to each dish.

The restaurant is the work of One Esca Owner Michael Kim and chef Don Flores, and will be located in what used to be City Council Bar, at 2901 Thomas Avenue. Anju will include a 2,000 square foot patio as well as several televisions for sports-watching. Kim said he envisions it as the kind of laidback place people will either start, or end, their night.

While renovations are underway, the Anju team is currently testing the menu with dine-in, takeout and delivery through Uber Eats. The restaurant also serves brunch, and Kim said he hopes the patio will become one of Uptown’s best brunch destinations.

Anju’s current hours are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday.