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An Iconic Chinese Hot Pot Chain Known For Its Seriously Over-the-Top Service Will Soon Arrive in DFW

HaiDiLao Hot Pot will open its first DFW outpost in Frisco in March

A four-chambered hot pot filled with colorful broths. Plates of thinly sliced meat and vegetables sit on the side.
Hot pot options about at HaiDiLao
Haidilao US/Facebook
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HaiDiLao, One of China’s most indulgent options for simmering, protein-packed hot pots, will soon debut its first location in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The chain announced in a press release on Tuesday that it would be ready to open its doors at 9244 Prestmont Place, inside the new Frisco Oasis development near Frisco’s outpost of 99 Ranch Market, sometime in early March. As previously reported by Eater, HaiDiLao was founded in China in 1994, and has since expanded to a massive global chain that’s known for its showy, over-the-top service and luxe amenities served alongside hot pots stuffed with wagyu beef and seafood.

HaiDiLao takes the hot pot experience seriously, offering diners drinks and snacks while they wait for their tables, along with hair ties and plastic bags to keep phones from getting damaged with splatters of broth. The chain also boasts its own unique ventilation system, which helps keep “lingering hot pot smells” out of the restaurant and, most importantly, from sticking to diners’s clothes.

HaiDiLao has not yet set an official opening date for its Dallas debut — stay tuned for more details.