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You’ll Want to Lock Yourself Inside This Heart-Shaped Box of Ice Cream

Who doesn’t want 10 scoops of ice cream for Valentine’s Day?

A heart-shaped box filled with 10 brightly colored scoops of ice cream Milky Treats [Official Photo]
Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and considering that it isn’t exactly possible to celebrate with a fancy dinner, dessert purveyor Milky Treats is offering a seriously sweet consolation prize.

Instead of the typical heart-shaped box of candy, the shop at 7000 Independence Parkway in Plano is serving up a massive sundae that’s served in a — you guessed it — heart-shaped box that’s lined with gold foil. Each box contains 10 different scoops of ice cream, available in flavors like black velvet, “Thot Tea-Ana,” unicorn brownie, and purple “U-bae.” Ice cream enthusiasts can choose their own assortment of flavors, or leave it up to the shop for a V-Day surprise.

A rep for Milky Treats tells Eater that each box must be pre-ordered at least two days in advance, and orders can be placed by calling the shop or sending a direct message on Instagram. And, because this is ice cream, it’s probably a good idea to plan on eating this massive dessert quickly before it melts.

This Insta-worthy offering is available now through Valentine’s Day. And for folks who aren’t coupled up on this holiday, there’s no shame in housing an entire box of ice cream by yourself — or with a totally platonic friend.