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A Spacious New Caffeine Destination Opens In Highland Park Next Week

Get ready to choose from a dozen different types of coffee beans at Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea

The interior of Fairgrounds Coffee in Dallas, with a cozy leather couch and bright yellow chairs
The bright, cozy interior of Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea
Jennifer Boomer Photography for Fairgrounds Coffee
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Chicago export Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea, a coffee shop known for its dazzling array of craft-roasted coffee beans, will officially make its debut in Highland Park next week.

A representative for the shop tells Eater that it is officially set to arrive at 4514 Cole Avenue on Wednesday, March 24. As previously reported, the Highland Park location is the first Texas outpost for Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea, joining 8 locations across the country, including the Chicago original and shops in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles.

It’s a destination for serious coffee nerds, who can choose from a dozen different types of beans from craft roasteries from all over the country. In Chicago, Fairgrounds currently serves beans from Nashville’s Frothy Monkey Coffee Company and single-origin coffee from Sightglass in San Francisco, among other options. In Dallas, local roasters Ascension and Greater Goods will be available at the “brew bar.”

For the indecisive, there are also coffee flights, which allow drinkers to fuel up with three eight-ounce pours of their choice.

In addition to the coffee, Fairgrounds also boasts a lengthy menu of kombuchas, juices, “elixirs,” and fancy teas. Options include the Rainforest Remedy, which combines matcha with coconut milk and pineapple, and a butterfly pea flower milk tea that’s mixed with jasmine simple syrup. A tight menu of food options will also be on offer for breakfast and lunch, ranging from bacon-egg-and-cheese breakfast sandwiches to a kale Caesar salad and the eternally comforting combo of a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

When it arrives next week, Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea will be open daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Online ordering is an option via the shop’s mobile app, along with in-person counter service.