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Much-Anticipated Chinese Hot Pot Chain Haidilao Quietly Opens in Frisco

Even without spreading the word, the indulgent hot pot chain from Sichuan attracted huge crowds on its inaugural weekend

A four-chambered hot pot filled with colorful broths. Plates of thinly sliced meat and vegetables sit on the side.
Simmer meats, veggies, and more, all in four different broths at the same time
Haidilao US/Facebook
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After months of waiting, Dallas-Fort Worth diners can now officially score one of the world’s fanciest hot pot experiences at the brand new Haidilao Hot Pot, now open in Frisco.

As previously reported by Eater, Haidilao was expected to open its doors at 9244 Prestmont Place, inside the Frisco Oasis development, back in March, but it quietly arrived over the weekend. Local hot pot enthusiast Ivy Chan tells Eater that she was keeping tabs on the restaurant’s opening, calling multiple times over the last couple of weeks to find out whether or not Haidilao was ready to serve diners just yet. On Sunday, she got lucky.

“I actually drove to Frisco to check out and see if it was open,” Chan told Eater via online message. “There were a bunch of cars and people walking in and out. I went in and asked for a table for four, and they told me that the wait would be an hour and a half.” To help keep the crowds occupied, Haidilao set up tables and outdoor games in the parking lot. After seeing the line, a hungry Chan decided to dine elsewhere.

Fortunately, the trip was not all for naught — Chan was able to set up a reservation for the following day, in person. Phone calls to the restaurant went unanswered on Sunday, but Eater was able to confirm that Haidilao is open through a representative for the chain.

While there, Chan was able to snag a look at the menu, and it looks pretty impressive. Diners first choose from a selection of broths — options include spicy beef tallow soup base, miso, mushroom, and Thai-style tom yum — to fill four different sections of the hot pot. Then, the pot is stocked with thinly sliced meats like organic chicken, Kurobuta pork shoulder, A5 wagyu ribeye steak, and baby squid. There’s also a ton of veggies, noodles, and garnishes to round out each pot, along with a selection of side dishes and desserts.

Haidilao Hot Pot is currently open for dinner service only, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Don’t be surprised if these lengthy waits continue for a while, thanks to DFW’s unbridled enthusiasm for this hot pot chain’s debut.