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Deep Ellum Brewing Debuts a New Pickle-Flavored Spiked Seltzer

Dallas drinkers really love pickles, apparently

Blind Pickle
Deep Ellum Brewing Company [Official Photo]
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Stalwart Dallas brewery Deep Ellum Brewing Company jumped into the spiked seltzer game back in 2019, at the height of the White Claw craze. Now, the company is getting creative with a pucker-inducing pickle seltzer.

Called Blind Pickle, the newest addition to the company’s line-up of flavored seltzers is infused with “natural dill pickle flavor,” and is brewed with cane sugar. The company has experimented with various fruity flavors since debuting its spiked seltzer, including the inaugural Blind Lemon, named for legendary Texas bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson.

“Pickles enhance the flavors of whatever they accompany, so pair Blind Pickle with grilled cheese or cookout favorites like hamburgers or brats,” the release reads. “Also pairs nicely with your favorite liquor, making the “pickle-back” obsolete.”

Dallas drinkers have already demonstrated an obvious enthusiasm for pickle-flavored libations, evidenced by the raging success of Fort Worth brewery Martin House’s dill pickle beer. After it was released, the beer was so sought-after that it was sold out all over the city. Now, it’s a common sight on grocery and liquor store shelves, and multiple flavor options — including a spicy pickle beer — are available.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company’s Blind Pickle seltzer is a limited-time offering, which means that it could experience similar sell-outs. Score it directly at the brewery, or cross your fingers and hope to get lucky at your favorite local craft beer purveyor.