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Texas Rangers Fans Are Now Allowed to Bring Food From Home to Globe Life Field

The snacking possibilities are endless, as long as they fit into one gallon-sized plastic bag

Houston Astros v Texas Rangers
Globe Life Field
Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Globe Life Field, home of the Texas Rangers, will now allow fans to bring their own food to games during this season.

An update to the venue’s guest guide announces the change, which permits Rangers fans to bring in one sealed, gallon-sized (or smaller) bag full of food into the ballpark. The park’s 100-plus concession stands will remain open throughout the season, but will operate on a cashless basis due to “health and safety protocols,” per the venue’s guidelines. For folks who were planning to spend cash, Globe Life Field has installed “cash conversion stations,” or reverse ATMs that turn cash into debit cards, throughout the venue.

In addition to the gallon-sized bag of food, visitors will also be permitted to bring in a sealed, plastic bottle of “non-flavored” water that is smaller than one liter. The rules apply to each ticket holder, which means that theoretically everyone in a group could bring their own bag to cobble together a DIY ballpark feast.

When it comes to filling up that gallon-sized bag of food, the possibilities are truly endless. On Twitter, Heim Barbecue pitmaster Travis Heim pondered over how many bacon burnt ends could fit into one of those bags. Fans could also, of course, save a bundle on peanuts and Cracker Jacks by bringing them from home, but more interesting dishes are certainly possible. Perhaps an artfully arranged charcuterie board, or all the fixings needed to create a replica of the Boomstick, the team’s iconic two-foot-long hot dog?

Considering the boundless creativity of Texan ingenuity, there’s no telling what kinds of outrageous eats fans will bring to Globe Life Park as they cheer on the Rangers this season. If you see something particularly interesting in one of those gallon zip bags — or are planning to take a creative feast of your own — drop us a line at